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We design and build spaces that will serve your family now, and adapt to meet your future needs.

We believe in superior customer focus, excellence in design, and professional execution. Let us make your home a place you’ll cherish for years to come.
Catherine Brown Metro Design + Build
Our Services

Project Consultation

One of our team members will visit your home or commercial property and see the current layout. We will ask you what you want to change and what you want to retain. You can give us ideas about how you wish to utilize a new space.

Design and Engineering

Utilizing the latest 3D technology, we can help you visualize your options. Whether it’s tearing down a wall to open up a kitchen and great room, or adding a master suite or additional room, you will be able to see the possibilities for your space. Once you’ve approved your remodel design, we engineer your addition to maintain the structural integrity of your home.


Remodeling your home looks easy on TV, but there are many decisions that need the expertise of an engineer. Creating open floor plans, removing/moving load bearing walls, and adding home additions can have significant effects on the original structure of your home.


We a demolition with the mindset that it is a project all on its own, not merely the prelude to the real project of renovation. We’ll take care of dumpster rental and removing all debris to keep your home as clean as possible during the demolition process.


Our construction team, specialty subcontractors, materials vendors and all of the people needed during construction will be working on your project during this phase.

Project Coordination

Residential home remodeling is more artistic and often requires certain types of licensing. That means it’s cost-effective to design the project first, put it out for bid and then complete the project. Since we’ll handle the project from start to finish we’ll coordinate all of the subcontractors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Design + Build

Design + Build is a full service construction method where a firm provides both design and construction under a single contract. Unlike traditional construction methods, the designer and contractor are working on the same team and within the same business, allowing for high levels of collaboration and unified recommendations.

How is Design + Build different from other project delivery methods?

It offers some unique benefits that are lost with other construction delivery methods. The primary differences are risk and responsibility for project objectives, which can have significant impacts on quality, pre-construction efficiency, cost, and schedule.

What is included with our free remodeling estimate?

Our free remodeling estimates include a detailed written scope of work. When necessary or when requested, we will provide renderings for you to view what your remodel will look like upon completion. Renderings look like a picture of your home and are a likeness of what your remodel will look like so you can visualize the space to be remodeled.

How long will my project take?

During our consultation we’ll discuss the duration of your project. The key element in completing your project in a timely manner is for you to be available during the process so you can select your products. In addition, we will need full access to your home during the remodel during regular work hours.